Love Struck Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

This blog hop is officially over.  All winners have been contacted.  Congratulations to them all!!

Welcome to the Love Struck Valentine’s Day Blog Hop hosted by romance author JA Garland and going on from February 10-14, 2014.


Valentine’s Day, from our first year in school we discover this special day.  Some of us are taught to cut-out great big hearts from red reconstruction paper.  Others are told stories about Cupid aiming his arrow at unsuspecting recipients, skewing their hearts with the sharp tip and putting them under the magic spell of love.

Valentine’s Day goes hand in hand with hearts and lovers.  Over the years, I’ve had a number of Valentines, some real, some imaginary, some I’ve kept a secret, and others I’ve flaunted.  Valentines stir warm sensations.  A good Valentine story, not necessarily one taking place on Valentine’s Day, will make you lightheaded and giddy, immersed in passion and euphoria.

Some Valentines I’ve enjoyed reading about include:

Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
Everyone picks Romeo and Juliet to be their favorite Valentines conjured up by Shakespeare but Petruchio and Katherina always seemed more real to me, like they were people I’d find in my own world.  The clash of their fiery personalities creates a sexual tension that brings out another side of them.  Kate rouses the gentleman and devoted protector in him, and Petruchio brings out the obedient wife and loving partner in her.  They are enduring and adorable Valentines making the audience happy when the two finally come together as lovers and husband and wife.

Mistletoe Fever by Jennifer Snow
In the spirit of social networks like eHarmony and Match Maker, Piper Johnson has convinced herself that posting a personal ad in The New York Times is the way to finding a companion who will share her interests and enjoy spending leisurely time with her.  A prospective partner comes to her in an email signed Mistletoe Fever.  Discovering the identity of Mistletoe Fever is a fun ride for the reader and for these two Valentines.  It’s a lighthearted story that readers can translate to their own lives — everyone should marry their own personalized Mistletoe Fever.

The King Maker by Susan Frances
Two years after my book has been published and I still enjoy the love match of its Valentines, Nina Holt and Cullen Danes.  He, an investigator for the British Ministry of Aviation, and she, a temp worker for the aviation convention at the Jacob Javits Center, are brought together when a crime ring endeavors to have Cullen join his dead friend, American pilot Steve McKenna.  Lethal threats pull Nina and Cullen into each other’s lives.  Their time together turns intimate, disarming them and exposing their vulnerabilities as they find security being with each other.  Nina and Cullen could be your best friend or your next door neighbor.  They show that love is attainable in this lifetime.

Who are your favorite Valentines from romance books? One commenter will be chosen from my post to win a free ebook copy of  A Bolt from the Blue by Georgia Fox

To enter your name in the Rafllecopter for the grand prize, go to:

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Kindle Paperwhite plus over 43 e-books including my romance novel The King Maker

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