Holiday Gifts Of Love Blog Hop

This contest has officially ended.  All winners from this blog have been contacted.  To see a full list of the winners go to:   You can also go to my Events page to find more blog hops to join in the coming months.

Welcome to the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop which will be going on from December 14 – 17, 2012.  Thank you to Carrie Ann Ryan for organizing the Holiday Gifts Blog Hop.

What kinds of Holiday gifts are expressions of love?

It’s likely every individual will have a different idea about what gifts express love during the Holiday Season. In William Sydney Porter’s (aka author O Henry) Christmas story, The Gift of the Magi, the couple sells their most prized possessions to buy each other the gift they desire most. Della buys her husband Jim a platinum fob chain for his watch by selling her hair, and Jim sell his watch to buy Della an assortment of hair combs to adorn her long locks. Giving people you love something they’ve been saving up for is one type of gift that expresses the spirit of the Holiday Season.

Sometimes a Holiday gift of love isn’t about material possessions but about reuniting past lovers, who had previously diverged and end up crossing paths later in life. In Nicola McCornick’s historical romance The Pirate’s Kiss, Lucinda Melville and Daniel de Lancy had been lovers until Daniel set off on a naval career and left her behind. He mistakenly becomes a notorious pirate but is pardoned when he inherits a barony. He returns to serving the British Crown, though he is continually threatened by the pirates who knew him. Lucy, on the other hand, marries a man who abuses her. When he dies, Lucy is forced to earn her living as a governess. She and Daniel meet up again when he is on the trail of a criminal who means to smear his name. He realizes he wants a second chance with Lucy and give her the gift of a husband‘s love and protection, but can past paramours overcome rifts that tore them apart?

A third type of Holiday gift of love is performing an unprofitable deed that brings joy to others. In the 1945 film The Bells of Saint Mary‘s, businessman Horace P. Bogardus purchases the property next Saint Mary’s school with the intention to convert it into an office building. Sister Mary Benedict, played by Ingrid Bergman, has a different idea and envisions the building converted into a new school for the children of Saint Mary’s. With the persuasion of Father O’Malley, portrayed by Bing Crosby, Horace donates the building to Saint Mary’s in the spirit of the Holiday Season, performing a good deed with no strings attached.

What are some Holiday gifts that show love to you? Post your comment and include your email using [at] and [dot] in the address to be entered in the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop contest.
1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $200 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

One commenter from my blog will win an ebook copy of The Lady of the Lake by Mariapia Messina. Good luck to everyone.

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