Autumn’s Harvest Blog (November 9 – 12, 2012)

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Autumn Romances

Welcome to the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop organized by romance author Carrie Ann Ryan. Thanks to Carrie and her dedicated staff in making this blog hop happen.

Autumn romances have a special feel. Oftentimes, the couple finds themselves sitting on a plush blanket in front of a crackling fireplace, or like in Amanda Quick’s novel The Paid Companion lying down on the man’s cloak in front of the dancing flames. Fireplaces or hearths in historical fiction are a natural backdrop for Autumn romances. The flames are used to symbolize the passion rising between the two lovers.

Autumn has its own world. It’s widely known as the harvest season when apples sprout from their trees in full force. The leaves change into a rainbow of reds, oranges, and yellow hues. The browns of soil grow deeper and the verdant green of moss intensifies. These picturesque landscapes provide futile ground for romances. In my contemporary romance The King Maker, I use Autumn’s fruitfulness to give readers a sense of the romance blossoming between my central couple, Cullen Danes and Nina Holt. Combined with the Autumn chill in the air, these elements foster an intimate atmosphere.

Of course, where would Autumn romances be without food all of which is nurtured from the Earth? Foods that have come to represent the season such as butternut squash, roasted turkey drenched in gravy, piping hot cider, steamed vegetables coated in cranberry sauce, and candied apples manage to wiggle their way into Autumn romances. The feast of Thanksgiving initiated by the Pilgrims and Indians takes place in Autumn, and probably the best known romance between these two groups of people is Pocahontas and John Smith. Their real life romance has survived through the Ages and inspired novels by Cassie Edwards and Judith E. French. (A complete list of Native American Indian romances can be found here: ).

Autumn romances incite a special feeling in readers. The intimacy is fostered by the elements which make the season stand out from the others. There is a lasting quality to them like Pocahontas and John Smith that spurs the freedom to pursue what the heart desires.

What do you look for in autumn romances? Post a comment and include your email using [at] and [dot] in the address to enter the Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop contest to win one of the grand prizes.

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